Why Ads?

Hello there and thank you for your interest in our games!

We currently publish all our games for free. We do this so maybe someday we can make games that are good enough to get people to pay for them. We currently do not earn any money by this whole thing, but still have to pay for servers and our domain. Until we are able to cover the costs another way we will use ads to try to cover them. Hopefully you are a understanding gamer that won’t be angry about that.

If you really don’t like the advertisements or the way they are implemented but still want to support us you can do so on our Patreon page. Patreon supporters pay a chosen amount per released game, of course capped to a maximum you choose. Patreon funding is currently used to cover server expenses, and when we can cover our server costs all ads will be removed from the page. We are thinking about possible rewards for supporters, too.

If you want to tell us your opinion (or suggestions) about this we have a comment section below and a contact form is linked in the sidebar.

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