My Superhero


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Mildly Entertaining Games
Based in Enschede, Netherlands

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PC / Mac / Linux / Unity Player / Web GL / Android

You are a teddy that has to defend a sleeping child from invading nightmares! Use Friendship Points to buy toys that attack the nightmares to earn more Points. You can upgrade your defensive measure to unleash their full potential. There would be no point in defending good dreams if the child wakes up, so toys can only be built on carpets to prevent loud noises!


The game was made for the One Game A Month Game Jam in May 2015. We started at the 7th of May with the goal to make a 3D tower defense game that has a theme that fits the jams theme “Childhood”. It is our second game and our first 3D game. The development pocess so far has been described in our dev diaries. To sum it up: We struggled a lot with problems during asset creation because a complete 3D pipeline causes a lot of trouble when you are unexperienced (lesson learned). A lot of features are still planned and we will continue working on the game for now to add those.
My Superhero Jam Release 0.1

  • 2 “Towers” with 3 Upgrades each
  • Endless Mode – try to get a new high score!
  • Beautiful hand-made 3D models and animations

About Midly Entertaining Games

Midly Entertaining games is a two-person game studio making games since 2015.

More informations & media are available here.

Affectionate Armament Credits

Graphics (Models, Textures, Rigging, Animation, Lighting) – Gege Zhang

Programming – Jan-Erik Bähr

Game Design – Gege Zhang, Jan-Erik Bähr

Music – The background song is called “Lullaby in January” by bzur (SoundCloud , License)