We have now uploaded our Ludum Dare 38 game to a bunch of websites where you can play it in your browser or download it for your preferred system (as long as it is Windows, Linux or OSX). As usual, we are thinking about future updates to this. As usual, nothing might happen since we can’t spend the necessary time. If we get enough feedback it certainly might help our motivation to spend time on this project, so let us hear your thoughts! If you also participated in Ludum Dare make sure to rate and comment here.

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Something smells fishy.

Day 2 passed quickly and I did not even think of writing another blog update. Here is one, written on the beginning of day 3. Gege made an improved background and mini orcas! I also added some gameplay (not to be unveiled just yet). The current ToDo-List includes finishing the mechanics, adding sound and music and as much polish as possible. Basically a typical third day of Ludum Dare for us.

The game has a small simulation part and is not as interactive as some of our previous entries, be prepared for some idling.

GIF showing our day one progress

The first day of Ludum Dare 38 is almost over. We decided to do something in the vicinity of a simulation (again). At the moment there are seamen and a can can be dropped. We plan to have the seamen live in the cans and then add one or two other features to get to a full gameloop. The initial plan was to do something way less complicated but we can’t seem to hold ourselves back when designing mechanics.

First version

We did not do much game development since the last jam we did (one year ago!). This made things a little more exhausting than expected, figuring out things I was sure I knew before. But at least we are at it. Certainly feels good to be making games again!





Ludum Dare 38 (LD38) starts tonight and we hereby announce that we are once again IN. Our participation will most likely result in yet another playable mildly entertaining gaming experience. Stay tuned for more announcements like this one and never before seen behind the scenes documentation.