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Official Jam Entry

We have submitted the jam version of our game to some networks, so make sure to vote for us and subscribe if you want to keep getting updates on new versions. We want to add a couple of features we already discussed and whatever feedback we get from feedback to the game in the coming weeks. A couple of things currently on our priority list are optimizing web players, supporting different resolution ratios and adjusting player controls.


The Ludum Dare 32 Jam is a couple of hours after halftime and we have completed our main game loop. Our game will be for two players and we decided to focus on Xbox One/Xbox 360 controllers as input devices. So, the requirements are pretty high at the moment! We might try to add keyboard support or something for a single player after the jam if we can find a fun way and the time.

For now, if you have someone to play with and two controllers, you can shoot each other and find one unconventional feature about the weapon in the current version! We will work on building the first Level next, and add a couple more animations and mechanics.

Windows (32 Bit) Download

Unity Web Player*

*not supported in Chrome without a workaround (which itself will expire in September), the final version will be available in WebGL if it runs well enough.

We have a blog now! And it is just in time for Ludum Dare 32. Gege and I will participate, it will be our first game jam and we are looking forward to it! Fortunately it starts at 3am here. I will try to keep you updated here.

We also have decided that our name will be “Mildly Entertaining Games” for now. Unless we come up with something (we like) better, something worth the effort of changing the current name everywhere. You will be able to find information about all the gaming and game creation things we do here at (don’t click it, it just links to the homepage …) Aaaand that’s it for now.