Now that Ludum Dare 33 is over it seems like a good time to look back on the first game we made. We made it for Ludum Dare 32 in April and continued to work on it for a week after that to release one more update. The game was designed by Gege and me together, the graphics are made by Gege and the programming was done by me. Since it was a Ludum Dare Jam game, the initial version was designed and produced during 72 hours, you can see what we changed in the week after that in the changelog on our game page here.

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We have released the first post-jam version to our Ludum Dare 32 entry Affectionate Armament. You can find it now on GameJolt and It contains mostly optimizations for things that we did not have time for during the jam but we also added a couple of new things. Click “Continue reading” to see the full changelog.
Play Affectionate Armament on

Play Affectionate Armament on GameJolt
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Play and download it on GameJolt

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Official Jam Entry

We have submitted the jam version of our game to some networks, so make sure to vote for us and subscribe if you want to keep getting updates on new versions. We want to add a couple of features we already discussed and whatever feedback we get from feedback to the game in the coming weeks. A couple of things currently on our priority list are optimizing web players, supporting different resolution ratios and adjusting player controls.