Ludum Dare 35: “Potion Shift” is up for voting!

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We made a match three game called Potion Shift for Ludum Dare 35. This time we tried to keep everything as simple as possible to get more polish done within the 72 hour time limit. We planned to make a match three game for some time now. I am happy we found a way of incorporating the theme into the game mechanics as well. We did not even plan that properly, it really developed out of the first prototypes. It was also the first time we had external help for music, so we could focus even more on our stronger areas in development. I’ll go into more detail about how we approached making the game in another Post Mortem soon, after we finish the Post Mortem for My Superhero. We submitted the game on more websites now, hoping for greater visibility and more feedback. This is also a game we’d like to continue working on for a while if we had time, but it’ll probably depend on the feedback we get.

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