Dev Diary #02 – Revisiting an older prototype

Our heroine and the two enemy types: staplers and file cabinets in revenge of the furniture

Our heroine and the two enemy types: staplers and file cabinets

Last week I focused on planning a rebuild of a earlier prototype. It was the first Unity game we actually made, a singleplayer 2D pixelart platformer. And of course everything inside the Unity project is a mess, we had no bigger picture of how Unity development works and learned most things on the fly during development (still are :)). So I started to look back at the game and the specific problems to figure out what we should redo if we decided to publish it here someday.

What was there?

It consists of one level and two enemy types. The player is able to run, jump and shoot CDs. The first enemy type is a stapler, that just stays on spot and jumps up in fixed intervals. The player has to jump over them and time the jumps to avoid taking damage by touching the stapler. The second enemy type is a file cabinet, that shoots files towards the player and moves in the player’s direction afterwards. The file cabinets can be jumped over, but should rather be destroyed by hitting them with CDs. The player has a limited amount of CDs and of course health points, both get refilled by items (“Heart”-Pickup, CDs) the file cabinets drop when they die. The level is complete when the player reaches the door at the end of the floor.
I recently posted a tweet with an animated impression of the game, so you can see it in action:

The problems

  • Unity GameObjects/Scripts are chaotic
  • Controls don’t feel “right”
  • The synchronization of the animations/attacks is off
  • No lighting/better sprites

For a 2D platformer, the controls definetly lack responsiveness. We will redo player controls completely, as they are a messy mash-up of copied lines of code. The project structure will be done again, this time not using any bigger 2D plugin (since those caused some trouble in the past). Enemy animation controllers are not set up correctly because we did not really understand how they worked at the time, they need to be fixed. And last but not least Gege has progressed a lot with her pixel-art, embedding more advanced things like dithering for sprites and lighting in Unity. When we redo the game, the graphics will improve too.

We have a game jam planned for next week, but we will rebuild Revenge Of The Furniture to put it on the website soon.


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