Dev Diary #01 – Prototyping point and click UI

point and click UI

Point and click UI

Since there is no real project right now, but there are still some things to show and write about I decided to write a general dev diary this time. I started playing around with verb-based point-and-click UI in Unity, watched the Unite Europe Keynote and tweeted the highlights.

early ui prototype

Point and Click UI prototype in action

And this is where I am currently at. The interactions shown are not yet implemented, aside from walking which was very easy with the great PolyNav plugin. I have spent some time trying to figure out a structure for loading not just the inventory but also the verbs shown so they can be changed for different contexts. This way I hope to come up with some ideas for multiple puzzle solutions, to try out if those could ever work in such a game. For the sake of simplicity I have them stored in a custom class away with level data (where they seemed to belong somehow, even though you could argue otherwise). I have also loaded data from .json files but abandoned that for now because I do not yet have any use for that. Editing the values outside of Unity seemed to be not easier than using the Inspector right away. Coming up next here is combining items and displaying player text, hopefully until next week.

I really love point-and-click adventures myself and always wanted to make one. They make up the majority of my earliest pc gaming experiences, with a lot of LucasArts games and the brilliant SafeCracker (YouTube Video) by DayDream Software. Coming up with a theme and/or story for this genre seems to be a lot tougher than building the mechanics right now and I wonder if this will stay the same during development.

Levelcontroller shown in inspector

Levelcontroller script shown in inspector

Unite Europe also happened and I tweeted during the keynote. Here are the highlights:

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