One Game A Month Dev Diary 05/15 – Week 1&2

We are working on an entry for this months One Game A Month Theme “Childhood”. I started writing daily dev diary updates and after the third day I stopped to continue with weekly updates because we are going to work on the game for a while. This is the summary for week one. Click “Continue reading” to read the dev diary for the first two weeks.

Days 1-3

I already wrote single posts for those days, you can find them here: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

Days 4-7

No real programming for the rest of the week, but Gege continued her work on our main character. There were way more problems with rigging and animating than originally thought (even though we kind of knew it…).


After Week 1

Our original plan was to keep working on the game through the whole month. The fact that I am stating it like this here does probably lead most readers to the conclusion that we did end up comletely abandoning the game after week one. This happened because college took to much time, so it was unavoidable even if it means we won’t be able to do a lot of things that should have made it into the jam version of the game. Luckily our prototype was already pretty close to a definition of a minimum viable product (MVP). We have one week left to finish the jam release for One Game A Month, which should be enough to complete our simple tower defense game.


My Superhero MVP

Finishing and polishing is what is planned for the third week. This means getting animations and models in the game, but also a some additions on the mechanics like adding more visual feedback and a few more upgrades.
We still plan to release this one on Android later but I doubt we will be able to test this enough during the jam, so it will be post-jam.

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