#1GAM 05/15 Dev Diary – Part 3


We started making our second jam game, an entry for the One Game A Month 05/15 Theme “Childhood”. Yesterday we finally integrated our models into the game! Click “Continue reading” to read the dev diary entry for the third day.

The rig is done! 3D models and game are finally united. Apart from that, not much happened on Day 3 except for a lot of small issues to get stuck on. At least prototyping is now more fun with the models in Unity. The level should be done soon, and creating animations for the character is really easy now with the fully rigged model.

I played around a lot with implementing NavAgent movement without actually knowing how NavAgents are supposed to work. But at least the UI works fine now and I got it to scale so the buttons are usable on touch devices. I would have loved to have tap-to-move controls working but that’ll have to wait until I have learned more about NavAgents.

The next steps are finishing the level and implementing a few more gameplay mechanics to experiment with. Thanks for reading!


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