#1GAM 05/15 Dev Diary – Part 1

We started making our second jam game, an entry for the One Game A Month 05/15 Theme “Childhood”. I decided to start writing a short dev diary to keep track on development progress. That is what you are reading now! Click “Continue reading” to read the dev diary for day one.

We started thinking about game ideas the same way we did for our last jam game, by trying to embed the theme as deeply into the game mechanics as possible. But we had a bad day or the theme is hard to design for, at least when you rule out all goalless, toy-like game concepts. Either way, we decided to go for the seemingly easier approach to a fixed theme: incorporating it in our setting. Combined with the quick decision to try making a tower defense game we decided on “a childs bedroom at night” as our setting. The player has to control a teddy bear that places toys as towers to defend the child from approaching nightmares, that makes perfect sense. We named it “My Superhero”.

Gege then went straight to asset creation and had the geometry for the room and some wonderful self-made textures after a few hours. I was curious how it would look in Unity but we postponed the integration to Day 2 so Gege could start modeling and rigging for the character.


Timelapse for the first prototype

On the programming side I had built a simple tower defense prototype in 3 hours. I also started to experiment with screen recording and methods for creating timelapse videos so I can show how it would look if I was able to the same thing in 40 seconds. A couple of hours after this I had implemented some very ugly, but functional UI elements for building and upgrading towers, two upgradable tower types (one close-quartered/AoE-type and one ranged shooting) and a endless mode with scores. The final result can be seen in the video at the top of the post!

Plans for day 2: Get some assets into the game!

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