Affectionate Armament Post-Jam Release 0.1

We have released the first post-jam version to our Ludum Dare 32 entry Affectionate Armament. You can find it now on GameJolt and It contains mostly optimizations for things that we did not have time for during the jam but we also added a couple of new things. Click “Continue reading” to see the full changelog.
Play Affectionate Armament on

Play Affectionate Armament on GameJolt

Affectionate Armament Post-Jam Release 0.1 Changelog

  • added 10 (very basic) modificators
  • rebuilt level
  • added damage text display
  • optimized physics (better colliders, tweaked physics properties)
  • fixed keyboard crouch button assignment bug
  • added support for more aspect ratios (5:4,4:3)
  • fixed UI scaling

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